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Posted on: december 5th, 2014 by Ilja

The FCKBook, is the result of a collaboration between designer Nouchka Huijg and photographer Ilja Keizer, who are both based in The Netherlands.


The works show a range of black and white photos of nude models in classic, statue-like poses, covered with hand painted as well as digital graphics.


The beautiful individuals seem to be showing off, standing strong. Naively, ignorantly resisting the black substance that might soon overtake them…


The brilliantly designed book, an object of art on its own, reveals slices / details of the works on meticulously folded pages, only to be fully exposed by tearing out the pages, and thus destroying the book.



Thank you:


For an endless number of reasons, your talent, your patience, your hard work:

Nouchka Huijg <3



Anniek, Catarina, Celine, Jolie, Karin, Laura, Liza, Lotte, Majon, Malou, Mel, Melissa, Rachel, Sterre



Studio 13 Amsterdam /


Book design:

Nouchka Huijg


Text / poem:

Boris de Jong









Ando Graphic

Handboekbinderij Geertsen

Papyrus Nederland – MultiDesign Original




FCKBook Info

Posted on: december 5th, 2014 by Ilja